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Most questions can be answered with the information on this page. If you still have a question or inquiry, we made it easy for you to get a hold of us!
Frequently Asked

How do I contact Venture Pup?

We want it to be easy for you to get a hold of us!

That's why we give you four options-

Chat on Messenger
(855) 755-9500

How do Presales work?

Presale items are in the final stages of development and crafting.

You may purchase presale items 1-4 weeks before the release date at a discount. Effectively avoiding out of stock delays and ensuring you receive your order within 48 hours of release!

How can I give back?

There are many ways to give back!

They're all easy and can be done locally!

Visit our 'Get Involved' page for more info.

What is '8% for Tomorrow'?

This is our Quest to be Carbon Negative. We fund, match and initiate conservation efforts with 8% of our pre-tax profits!

Shipping and Returns

Where is my package?

When your supplies ship, we automatically send you an email with your tracking code and a way to track.

Contact us if you have checked your spam folder and still haven't received your tracking code after 72 hours.

When will my supplies ship?

Orders made Sun-Fri are typically shipped within 24 hours using 2-day shipping.

Contact us if you haven't received a shipping notification after 72 hours.

How do I start a return?

Can I change my order info?

If you believe your item is being shipped to the wrong address or would like to cancel part or all of an order, contact us immediately.

We can only change the shipping address if we have not shipped the supplies. There is nothing we can do if your supplies are lost due to user error.


What payments do you accept?

Our fast, secure checkout accepts all major credit cards.

Do I qualify to be an Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors play a vital role in spreading local conservation awareness by creating fun and engaging ways for everyone to do their part.

Anyone with a little social-know-how and the drive to make a difference is welcome to join us!

How do I become a Wholesaler?

If your brand is forward-thinking, working to be Carbon Negative and loves The Great Outdoors, we would enjoy working with you!

How do I redeem a Group Discount?

Your 10% group discount is automatically applied to your order when you purchase six (6) or more of the same item!


How do you use my information?

We will never send you emails you didn't ask for.

We will never transfer your information to another entity.

Will you post my photo on Instagram?

Our Instagram is curated from photos posted by Venture Pup fans using the #VenturePup hashtag.

What is Venture Pup's mission?

Our mission is to be a Group Leader for Forest Conservation and Environmental Awareness!

Where can I find legal info?