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Venture is a feeling - Our Story
1,442 trees planted
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Venture is a feeling..
It's when you can't believe what you're seeing
It shines on the open road
and where there are no tolls
It defines our highs
so we can define our lows
It swarms under the stars
Around the warmth of those that never stray far.


Adventurous Pups and their Humans need safe, high-quality supplies that compliment their rigourous lifestyle.

But.. great supplies are nothing if we have nowhere to use them. The Great Outdoors is suffering-- and we are to blame.

Deforestation, careless pollution, and lack of recycling have disrupted ecosystems that are millions of years in the making.

How are you making a difference?

Every order plants trees
1,442 trees planted
By VPSCO supporters
Words from our Founder
"I wanted to create a platform where anyone could make a difference while enjoying high-endurance gear.
No factories. No bulky packaging. No bandanas. VPSCO is my vision."
Randolph H.